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No. 464 F.&A.M.


Lessing Lodge No. 464, F. & A. M. was founded on the 7th day of December, 1872. On the 27th of May, 1873, these founders received their charter from the Grand Lodge, the Rev. C.L. Chr. Runck being named as Worshipful Master in the charter and S. J. Loewenstein as Senior Warden and G. L Altvater as Junior Warden. The founders consisted of these three gentlemen, together with Fred Hofmann, C. Kratz, Philip Nonweiler, Wm. Pretorius, Daniel Heilman, J. Bopp, Julius Kahn, Harry Joseph, H. W. Elmendorf, Samuel Meyer, Philip Klein, F. S. Zumstein and Wm. Koch.


From the date of its foundation until the present day, Lessing Lodge has been the focal point for the activities of the leading Germans and German-Americans of this city. During it’s first few decades the lodge was bilingual and presented degree work in both the English and German languages. However, as time has gone on Lessing Lodge has grown to include many amongst its membership who have no German background or heritage. In fact, Lessing Lodge has grown over the years to become one of the largest and most active Masonic lodges in Indiana.


Over the years Lessing Lodge has produced two Grand Masters of the State of Indiana, as well as other Grand Lodge officers, many 33rd Degree Masons, Knight York Cross of Honor Masons, and Grand York Rite officers. Many of Evansville’s most important civic leaders have also held membership in our lodge.


Lessing Lodge #464 remains a strong lodge with a bright future.

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Welcome to Lessing Lodge # 464 F. & A.M. in Evansville, Indiana! As we begin our 151st year, I am humbled and honored to serve as our historic lodge's Worshipful Master for 2024. My foremost goal as Master is to help our Lodge continue to build men of character, who will then take their part in that continuous chain of great and respected men who have come before us in our fraternity. Men that include some of the greatest heroes the world has ever known.

Freemasons are truly diverse - coming from all backgrounds, belief systems, and walks of life. One of the things that unites all regular Masons is a high regard for good and timeless values. For Freemasons, there are many important values that help map our path through this Earthly life. Some of the most important of these values are: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

Brotherly Love is the practice of placing the highest value upon another brother. It is a devotion to a man's mother or father, his wife, children, or closest friends. It is not for the advantages he may gain from them, nor for their usefulness to him; but, solely each one in their own person and for their own sake. For these persons we labor and sacrifice, delighting in our ability to selflessly serve others. Brotherly Love is freely forgiving errors and transgressions, overlooking imperfections, and practicing patience.

Masonic Relief - in the course of life, it may happen that some grave misfortune renders a brother incapable of supporting himself and his family. This misfortune may arise from disease, accident, or other unfortunate circumstances. Masonic Relief acknowledges that a brother may, through no fault of his own, fall into temporary need. It is at this point that individual Masons - or an entire Lodge - may provide personal acts of relief; whether through service or financial assistance. Such service to our brothers is immediate, personal, and reciprocal.

Truth: by it, Masons must be truthful in character and habit, dependable in word and deed; and honorable in conduct. Through truth, we establish a permanent Bortherhood, wherein each man and the entire fraternity can be relied upon as faithful and loyal friends. This commitment to truth positions our fraternity as a symbol of good men and leaders in the greater world.

It has been my experience that because Masons believe these things; they are often thoughtful, industrious, caring, and are bright lights in a dark world. But Masons are more. Masons are examples of what devotion to moral excellence and good character can do in one's own life, the lives of their family members, the communities in which we live, and our nation at large. Masons demonstrate that living by the highest ideals are within everyone's reach no matter their circumstance, their education, social station, national origin, or any other external characteristics.

If you are already a Freemason; we invite you to fellowship with us. If you are searching to improve yourself: let me extend to you an invitation to explore possible membership in our great and historic fraternity.


David Straw - PM

2024 Lessing Lodge Worshipful Master


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Introducing, the 2024 Officers of Lessing Lodge #464.

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