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No. 464 F.&A.M.


Lessing Lodge No. 464, F. & A. M. was founded on the 7th day of December, 1872. On the 27th of May, 1873, these founders received their charter from the Grand Lodge, the Rev. C.L. Chr. Runck being named as Worshipful Master in the charter and S. J. Loewenstein as Senior Warden and G. L Altvater as Junior Warden. The founders consisted of these three gentlemen, together with Fred Hofmann, C. Kratz, Philip Nonweiler, Wm. Pretorius, Daniel Heilman, J. Bopp, Julius Kahn, Harry Joseph, H. W. Elmendorf, Samuel Meyer, Philip Klein, F. S. Zumstein and Wm. Koch. 

From the date of its foundation until the present day, Lessing Lodge has been the focal point for the activities of the leading Germans and German-Americans of this city, and its standing has always been of the highest and most honorable. It remains today, as it has always been, a true German Masonic Lodge, and among its members, past and present, the best Germans have been represented. 

-By Brother Julius Stoever

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Lessing 2023 Eujeane


It is an honor and a privilege to be selected to lead Lessing Lodge #464. This is a historic year as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of our charter. Our Lodge has been, and will continue to be, a staple of the Masonic community in Southwestern Indiana. I believe the best years are yet to come. This year we will be returning to a lot of the things that has made Lessing great over the years in hopes to strengthen our community. We plan to have several family activities, 25 and 50 year award nights, a rededication of the Lodge, traveling to other Lodges, fundraising events, and exemplary ritual work.


As we set off into the year, I have told the officers to stress accountability and unity. Moving forward, we will focus on doing the things that help us hold each other accountable and unify us as a whole. By doing so, we can continue to uphold our long and rich history. I have faith that our officer line is up to the challenge and will continue to make our Lodge proud.


I would also like to thank the Past Masters that have guided this Lodge up to this point. In an effort to continue their legacy, I invite all Past Masters and our membership to aid in the improvement of our Lodge as we move forward into our future. Please don’t be shy to share thoughts and opinions as we go throughout the year.


Finally, I call on all of our members to attend at least two meetings this year. If you haven’t been to Lodge in a while, that’s ok, you will be welcomed with open arms and a brotherly hug. Myself and our officers are extremely excited about the year and can’t wait to see everyone.  




Eujeane Barker

Worshipful Master 

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